DofE Silver Walking

Training & Practice Expedition
(3 days & 2 nights)

Training Day

  • Navigation Training Walk accompanied by your Expedition Leader in terrain appropriate to Silver.

  • Map & Compass Skills.

  • Countryside Code.

  • Observation & Recording.

  • Expedition First Aid.

  • Handling Emergencies.

  • Identify & Manage Risks.

  • Impact of weather.

  • Team Building.

Practice Expedition

  • 2-day Practice Expedition including 2 overnight camps.

  • Put into practice what you've learnt.

  • Supervised by our team of qualified & friendly leaders.

  • Review & debrief at end of expedition to highlight successes and adjustments.

Direct Entrants

In addition to the standard Silver Training, we encourage Direct Entry participants to attend their school's Bronze Residential Training to build a solid foundation.

Qualifying Expedition
(3 days & 2 nights)

  • Similar to your Practice Expedition.

  • 3-days, 2-nights including overnight camps.

  • Supervised by our team of qualified & friendly leaders.

  • Achieve your Aim.

  • Fulfil the DofE 20 Expedition Conditions.

  • Review & debrief at end of expedition with Assessor.

  • Personalised Assessor Report uploaded to eDofE.

All Packages include:

  • Training, Supervision & Assessment as outlined above.

  • Online Factsheets & Training Videos including kit lists, menu ideas and other key information.

  • Camp site fees for all participants & school staff performing pastoral duties included.

  • Inclusive use of our Group Equipment - tents, stoves, maps, map cases and group first-aid kits.

  • Includes all fuel (gas cylinders compatible with our Trangia stoves).

  • Dedicated admin and organisation that is "second-to-none".

  • Participant Joining Instructions prior to each event.

  • Generic & Area-Specific Risk Assessments.

  • Public Liability Insurance (£10million), AALA and AAP Licences.

  • Expedition On-Call Support – dedicated “home contact” support during expeditions.

  • Submission of Assessor Reports direct onto eDofE (using DofE Assessor Report portal).

Canoeing Expeditions

Fancy canoeing instead? We offer Silver Canoeing Expedition programmes with journeys taking place on rivers such as the Trent, Soar or Wye.

All Canoe Expedition packages include our standard package as above plus all paddle skills training from our qualified Paddlesport Leaders. Packages also include canoes, paddles, buoyancy aids, dry bags, throw lines and all canal/river licences.