(Walking Expeditions)

Rucksack and Rucksack Liner


Rucksack liner

Your rucksack is NOT waterproof. Many modern rucksacks have a rain cover, but this can be flimsy and can blow off in heavy winds, resulting in a safety issue. Make sure you pack your sleeping bag and spare clothes in a waterproof drybag or a very thick rubble sack (available from supermarkets and DIY stores).

Sleeping Bag and Roll Mat

Sleeping Bag

Inner Sheet Sleeping Bag

Roll Mat

Spare Clothes

Personal Safety Equipment



Small personal first aid kit and personal medication

Water Bottle(s)

Survival Bag

Emergency Rations


Small pencil and notebook

Equipment Repair Kit

Personal Camping Equipment

Mug, plastic bowl and cutlery

Small Wash Kit

Hygiene kit

Mobile Phone

Packing a Rucksack Video