Privacy Statements & Company Policies

Please follow the links below to access our privacy statements, in line with the new regulations regarding data protection, May 25, 2018.

Please follow the links below to access important policies. Others are available on request.

Additional Information for Schools and Expedition Leaders

A link to access our additional expedition information will be sent out to you via e-mail. Please note that most of these resources are copyright Karos Adventure and are only for use in relation to Karos Adventure activities.

If you have not received the link or are having trouble accessing the resources, please contact us at

Licences & Insurance ~ Copies of our AAP and AALA Licences are available, as well as our annual Public Liability Insurance. Our insurance is with Activities Industry Mutual (AIM) and is renewed annually at the beginning of November.

Risk Assessments ~ General, Specific and Area Risk Assessments are available for all the activities and locations we operate in.

Camp Site Guidelines ~ Many campsites have specific rules or guidelines, such as arrival times, parking guidance, whether they allow children or animals and procedures for disposing of waste. Please ensure you check the details for the campsites being used on your training and expeditions.