Open Expeditions Booking Terms & Conditions

Confirmation of Booking

To book onto any of our Open Expeditions, you will need to complete our Registration & Medical Consent Form and pay the required deposit. We will then send you confirmation of your booking along with our Information Pack. 

What's included

What's not included

Minimum Numbers

For Open Canoeing Expeditions, a minimum number of 8 participants are required.

For Open Walking Expeditions, a minimum number of 7 participants are required.

If we have less than the minimum number of participants registered with 6 weeks (42 days) to go before the start of the expedition, we will contact participants who have registered to discuss alternative options.

Cancellations - if we have to cancel or change your booking

We try to avoid cancellations as these can be very disappointing and frustrating to all involved. However, whilst we will take every possible route to avoid doing so, sometimes it is unavoidable. We may have to cancel or postpone an expedition for reasons of safety at our absolute discretion or for other matters of serious concern beyond our control which may occur up to and including the date of the activity. The following are examples which may lead to cancellation but is not limited to these:

In the event that we have to cancel the expedition without any work having been delivered, then we will provide a full refund of any money that has already been paid. If work has been delivered, then we will deduct the cost of this activity from the amount refunded. If the expedition is rescheduled to a different date, then your booking and any money paid will be transferred to the new dates.

Cancellations - if you cancel your booking

If you wish to cancel your booking we require notification by email (in writing). As we may not be able to find another person to take your place on the expedition and will have incurred costs with your booking, the following terms apply:

Notification received up to 42 days (6 weeks) before start of the expedition:

Notification received less than 42 days (6 weeks) before start of the expedition:

Once the expedition starts, we cannot provide any refunds, including if you have to withdraw during the expedition, even if this is due to injury or other medical situations. We do advise that you therefore take out cancellation and curtailment insurance in case you are unable to attend or have to withdraw during the expedition.

Participant Code of Conduct


All participants must attend all activity dates as advertised


Participants must look after any equipment issued for use by them and their team and return the equipment complete and in good condition. A charge will be made for any lost or damaged equipment.


Participants must respect all other participants, leaders and members of the public. All participants should, at all times, listen to and act upon any advice and instructions given, and conduct themselves with the highest standards of behaviour. Any participant who is disruptive or disrespectful will be asked to leave the expedition with immediate effect and will not receive any refund.

The Law

Participants must comply with the law, Countryside Code and the guidelines issued by campsites. All participants must conduct themselves in a manner which reflects and upholds the positive reputation of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award and Karos Adventure.

Mobile Phones

All participants must follow the Karos Adventure mobile phone policy at all times, when on an activity. Please refer to our mobile phone policy which can be found on our website

We reserve the right to exclude any participant from an expedition if in our opinion their inclusion would pose a safety risk to themselves or any other member of the team. In the event of exclusion we will not offer any refund. Reasons for exclusion may include but are not limited to:

Completing the DofE Expedition Section

Booking on to, and paying for, an expedition does not guarantee successful completion. Whilst we will endeavour to ensure that the training and/or expedition is successful for every participant, on rare occasions, we may feel that a participant or team requires additional training to reach the required standard for safety. 

Participants are required to demonstrate the expedition skills that they have learned before we can sign off their training and practice expeditions. Where skills have not been demonstrated to the appropriate standard, we may recommend that participant(s) undertake further Training and/or Practice Expeditions before they take part on their Qualifying Expedition. We accept no responsibility for any additional costs incurred as a result of participants not successfully completing Training, Practice or Qualifying Expeditions. 

Insurance & Licences

Karos Adventure is insured by Activities Industry Mutual to deliver DofE Expeditions by foot, canoe or kayak and have a public liability insurance of £10 million. Further details of our insurance policy are available upon request.

Karos Adventure are licenced to deliver DofE Expeditions by foot, canoe or kayak under the terms of our Adventure Activities Licence issued by the Health & Safety Executive. 

Karos Adventure are licenced by the Duke of Edinburgh's Award as an Approved Activity Provider (AAP) to deliver DofE Expeditions and Residentials.

Transport during your programme

Transport is not provided either to/from or during your expedition. In the event of an emergency, you may be transported by one of our Expedition Leaders using their own vehicle under their own business insurance. Any travel in Karos Adventure leader's vehicle is conducted on a goodwill basis – no right to travel is intended or implied. Any travel arrangements made are non-commercial arrangements and any payments made are solely on a cost-sharing basis. No liability is accepted by Karos Adventure for any loss or damage experienced by a participant in such cases 

Your responsibilities

Participants must ensure that they:

Medical Information

All participants are required to detail any medical conditions, illnesses and injuries (recent, historic, sporting or otherwise), allergies, medications taken or that may be needed while with us or any other details that may affect them during their expedition. This information is included on our Application & Medical Consent Form.

If any medical information changes between completing our online Medical Consent Form and the start of your expedition, it is your responsibility to inform us immediately – please email details to

Full medical information is required in advance so that we can make any preparations to support you throughout your expedition. We are supportive and have experience of working with a wide range of medical conditions and differing needs but can only provide you with a safe, high quality experience if we have information in advance.

Prior consent is requested from participants (or their parents/carers) that in the event of an accident or incident, authorisation is given for any emergency treatment as considered necessary by the medical authorities present. In such circumstances, authorisation would apply to ourselves to sign on behalf of the participant, any written form of consent required, provided that in the opinion of the GP or consultant any delay could endanger the health and safety of the participant.

Photographs and Video

On all activities run by Karos Adventure photographs will only taken for the following purposes:

Participants are discouraged from using their mobile phones to take photographs whilst on an activity. An alternative device such as a camera should be brought for this purpose. Participants should not share photographs via social media unless they have permission from all who appear in the photograph.

In line with our safeguarding policy, Karos Adventure will not publish, on our website or on any social media platform, photographs that could reveal the identity of a participant. Karos Adventure staff will only take photographs using Karos Adventure equipment and will not take photographs using their own personal devices.

Karos Adventure cannot be held responsible for the content and destination of photographs taken by participants or by school staff.

Should you wish this participant not to appear on any photographs taken by Karos Adventure staff, please email us at giving details of their name and which expedition they are attending.

Acknowledgement of risk

Karos Adventure takes all reasonable steps to provide participants with a level of care and assurances of safety appropriate to the activity undertaken. However, there are certain risks which are integral to outdoor activities and which cannot be eliminated without destroying the unique character and benefits that such programmes bring.

Outdoor programmes, training, assessments and particularly, DofE Expeditions, may be unaccompanied, self-reliant and need to be completely by participants' own efforts with minimal external intervention. As such, participants will not be directly supervised 100% of the time – this is a requirement of DofE Qualifying Expeditions.

During our expeditions, participants may encounter the following: