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Fact 1: Energy and Balanced Diet

Fact 2: Weight and packaging

Fact 3: Preservation

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Fact 5: Taste, Dietary Needs & Allergies


Breakfast is said to be the "most important meal of the day". It helps to kick-start your metabolism and prepare you for the day ahead. A good breakfast provides energy to help you carry your pack over hill and dale, and leads to improved concentration, making navigation and map reading easier. It therefore is also true that participants who have a poor breakfast or no breakfast at all tend to struggle with their rucksack and often make navigational errors. 

On the day you arrive for your expedition, make sure you eat a good breakfast, such as porridge, a bacon sandwich, or even a "sausage and egg McMuffin!".

Some ideas for a good expedition breakfast include:

Lunches & Snacks

Lunches and snacks are to be eaten "on the go". Some tips to help you plan:


TIP: Remember, these are intended to be snacks. Restrict the amount of snacks brought to a sensible amount. Over-indulging on sugary snacks will burn off the energy very quickly and will not help build up energy reserves!!

Evening Meal

One of the most critical elements of the Expedition Requirements - "Participants must plan an appropriate expedition menu, including cooking and eating a substantial hot meal each day". The evening meal is regarded by Expedition Supervisors and Assessors as being fundamental to the success of any expedition. This is where your body gets to replenish energy reserves used during the day, and starts the process of preparing you for the next day's activity. It is also a great communal activity, helping to build teamwork and a time to share happy memories with friends - and your Assessor.

We recommend a "3 course meal" approach, with a soup or drink to start, consumed whilst you are preparing your main meal, and then following your main dish with a delicious pudding to finish! 

Here are a few ideas:


Main Meal


Vegetarian, Vegan & Gluten-Free

Some alternative ideas for vegetarian, vegan and Gluten-Free diets. Check out the "Free From" aisle in your local supermarket.

(VG = Vegan; VT = Vegetarian; GF=Gluten-Free)

Please check all food labels before consuming.


Lunches & Snacks

Evening Meal

Branded Expedition Food

Branded Expedition Food (or "Ration Packs") are specifically designed for multi-day expeditions. 


Types and Brands of Expedition Food

There are 2 types of Expedition Food:

Brands include:

Where to Buy

TIP: If buying any branded Expedition Food, make sure you try it before the expedition so that you know you like the food. For a number of people, branded Expedition Food can be an "acquired" taste and may not be to everyone's liking!!!


Participants must keep themselves hydrated throughout the expedition. Water is the best liquid to drink during the journey. Leaders will meet teams at key locations during each day's journey and will be able to top-up water supplies, especially during hot weather.

An additional option is to add a little bit of fruit squash to improve taste.

Participants must avoid caffeine-based energy drinks as these do not improve expedition performance and may lead to health issues.

Cold Drinks

Hot Drinks

Emergency Rations

Every participant must have a small item declared as an "Emergency Ration". This is not to be consumed during the expedition unless it is an emergency. The purpose is to boost energy levels whilst managing a medical emergency until help arrives. Ideal location is to pack this with your personal first aid items.

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