Observation and Recording

Team Goals are an important aspect of every DofE Expedition, whether at Bronze, Silver or Gold, on foot, by water or any other mode of travel. Choosing a goal, observing and recording your findings, and then creating and delivering a presentation are what sets DofE Expeditions apart from similar activities and journeys.

Below are some of the more popular Goals that Teams have chosen in the past but you are free to come up with your own. However, your Goal must be SMART:

Environment and Nature

History / Landmarks



Presentation Development

The presentation should bring your expedition to life and be more than just a report of you achieving your Team Goal. It should be based on your own first hand experiences, observations and investigations during your expedition and be in a format which inspires you.

Through creating a presentation and communicating your experiences publicly, you have to think carefully about what impact the expedition has had on you and what you have achieved. For this reason, the presentation should be more than a simple display of research results to achieve your Team Goal, it should be an account of your journey and adventures.

Many of your experiences, both the highs and lows, will be easily remembered and add an extra level of interest for viewers.

Your presentation should be made up of 3 sections:

1. A review of your expedition, highs and lows, funny anecdotes, pictures/video of the expedition.

2. Your Team Goal - how you achieved this, results of any research, opinions/personal views backed up by photos or videos.

3. Personal reflections on what you’ve achieved and personal development.

Try to make your presentation last no more than 10 minutes, ensure you involve all members of the team, and be prepared for questions to be asked at the end.

Presentation Tips